September 2, 2014

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Richard M. Mitchell's vast experience in nearly every area of bankruptcy and debtor/creditor law, from personal to commercial and corporate, is recognized… [more]

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Sometimes, despite our best efforts and intentions, life takes a turn for the worse:Marriages sometimes end in divorce Businesses that we own are… [more]

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Because I work with individuals and companies in bankruptcy, I know the ins and outs of dealing with creditors. Collecting from those in bankruptcy I… [more]

Creditor Work Creditor Work

Asset Planning & Protection

Asset planning refers to either placing assets beyond the reach of creditors, or making the process of reaching assets so difficult for creditors that… [more]

Asset Planning & Protection Asset Planning & Protection

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A shuttered business that might have been saved by Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Primer, Part 2 of 2

While Chapter 11 bankruptcy is not as frequently employed as Chapters 7 and 13 it is appropriate in some circumstances. This post, along with the first part in … [Read More...]

those with student loans feel a real pinch because, generally, those loans are not discharged in bankruptcy

What can I do about Student Loans I can’t Repay?

Many of my clients owe tens of thousands of dollars in student loans, either for their own education or their children’s, and this debt can be a real and … [Read More...]

This primer on Chapter 11 bankruptcy is no substitute for a consultation with a qualified bankruptcy attorney

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Primer, Part 1 of 2

Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases by large corporations make the news more frequently than smaller companies using Chapter 11, leaving some business owners and … [Read More...]

If you are drowning in debt, bankruptcy protection may be your lifeline. Compare the costs of your current situation to the fees necessary to discharge your obligations and re-launch your life.

How Much Money Does it Cost to File for Bankruptcy Protection?

Yes, it costs money to file for bankruptcy protection. This post covers court costs and legal fees related to Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy … [Read More...]

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