July 23, 2014

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Richard M. Mitchell's vast experience in nearly every area of bankruptcy and debtor/creditor law, from personal to commercial and corporate, is recognized… [more]

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Sometimes, despite our best efforts and intentions, life takes a turn for the worse:Marriages sometimes end in divorce Businesses that we own are… [more]

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Creditor Work

Because I work with individuals and companies in bankruptcy, I know the ins and outs of dealing with creditors. Collecting from those in bankruptcy I… [more]

Creditor Work Creditor Work

Asset Planning & Protection

Asset planning refers to either placing assets beyond the reach of creditors, or making the process of reaching assets so difficult for creditors that… [more]

Asset Planning & Protection Asset Planning & Protection

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for Second Mortgages

Homeowners who are in financial difficulty are well advised to consider a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case as an option when they are current on their first mortgage … [Read More...]

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Life After Bankruptcy: How to Rebuild Your Financial Life

Many people can't consider filing for bankruptcy protection until they know what happens after their debts are discharged. They frequently ask everyone (except … [Read More...]

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Reaffirmation in Bankruptcy: What, How, When and Why

The goal in any bankruptcy case is to discharge debts. Discharge is the technical legal term that means the debts no longer exist. Literally, they are gone and … [Read More...]

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Joint Liability for Debts: An FAQ

I am frequently asked whether spouses have joint liability for debts. This FAQ should help readers gain a basic understanding of the issues to consider, but is … [Read More...]

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