July 23, 2019

I’ll Just Ignore the Certified Letters

Don't put your head in the sand. Take action when you are inundated with collections lettersSome people think they can tie their creditors’ hands by ignoring requests for payment or by contesting their debts with a credit bureau. They also call my office for help cleaning up their credit reports, which is not a service I offer.

If you wish to dispute an entry to your credit report, I suggest you use this letter guide, provided courtesy of the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Orange County.

I advise sending the letter to all three bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian), by certified mail, return receipt requested, and including your SSN and full legal name in the re: line.

These letters are the first step in trying to remove inaccurate information in a credit report.  These letters will not result in the removal of accurate but negative information in a credit report; there is no procedure for such removal.  “Credit repair” and “credit clean-up” offers are that are commonly seen online, on the radio, on TV, etc. are scams.

Further, the mere sending of these letters, without any response from the creditor, does not constitute a defense to action by the creditor to seek payment for a valid debt that the borrower owes.  I’ve had a few clients in recent months who incorrectly believe that sending these letters somehow cuts off their liability for a valid debt.  This is incorrect.

If you have doubts about your liability for a debt or wish to approach your creditors to modify your debts, contact my office or the offices of a qualified advisor for a credit card debt  or bankruptcy counseling session.