June 24, 2019

What to Look for in a Bankruptcy Attorney: Experience

Rick Mitchell NC Board Certified Specialist in BankruptcyUnfortunately, in this recession, bankruptcy and debtor/creditor relations is a growth industry, and as such there are some Johnny Come Latelys. The fact is, experience counts, and the cheapest bankruptcy attorneys in town are not the most experienced.   When it comes to handling your financial concerns, you want experience.

When I meet with new clients, I sometimes find out that they’ve received incorrect advice from other attorneys about how to deal with their debt or credit issues.

One client recently told me that he’d spoken a few times with an attorney who seemed to be looking up the answers to very basic bankruptcy questions while they talked on the telephone, and how glad he was to speak to someone who actually has some experience.

My experience, for your consideration

The North Carolina State Bar recognizes me as a specialist in consumer and business bankruptcy. I was the first Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee appointed to the Western District of North Carolina bankruptcy trustees’ panel in the 1970s, and have served continuously in that capacity since that appointment. Appointed as a bankruptcy trustee in 1987, and as an attorney representing creditors, trustees, and debtors in consumer and business bankruptcy cases, I offer clients a wealth of practical and legal knowledge to draw upon.

Experience counts; please contact us if you have legal concerns about debts or credit.