June 24, 2019

Life After Bankruptcy: How to Rebuild Your Financial Life

A bold, red "FACTS" emerge from a background of "MYTHS"Many people can’t consider filing for bankruptcy protection until they know what happens after their debts are discharged. They frequently ask everyone (except a bankruptcy attorney) questions like these:

“Will I ever qualify for credit again?

“How long will it take to get a decent rate on a car loan?”

“What’s the fastest way to rebuild my credit?

What’s in the Guide to Life After Bankruptcy

That’s why I decided to write this Guide to Life After Bankruptcy. Just click this button and it’s yours.  Guide to Life After Bankruptcy

The guide will tell you what to expect when your debts are discharged, how to repair your credit score without credit cards, the quickest way to rebuilding your credit worthiness and where to go for unbiased financial advice and information.

Truth is, I don’t often hear from clients after their debts are discharged in bankruptcy. Why? Because they are too busy rebuilding their lives, financial and otherwise. When I do hear from them, it is usually to say that things are going well and that credit card and auto financing offers are rolling in a month to six weeks after discharge.

When someone clearly needs to file for bankruptcy protection and delays, they only hurt themselves. The fresh start provided by a bankruptcy discharge begins with a bankruptcy counseling session.