July 23, 2019

Choosing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Specialist

Rick Mitchell, helping Chapter 13 bankruptcy clients for over 40 yearsFiling a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case isn’t as straightforward as a Chapter 7 case.

I usually find that my Charlotte area clients who need Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection have complex issues to resolve including:

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Further, while most Chapter 7 cases are closed within four months of filing, Chapter 13 cases generally last for five years, creating a much longer relationship between debtor and attorney.

When choosing your Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney, consider the fact that you will be working with each other for a long while.

A certified Chapter 13 specialist

I’ve handled hundreds of Chapter 13 cases while the average bankruptcy attorney has seen very few. I know this because I sometimes find myself unwinding the messes that Johnny-come-lately practitioners have created for their clients, and in my role as a Chapter 7 trustee, I see all manner of errors and omissions.

I was the first Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee appointed to the Western District of North Carolina bankruptcy trustees’ panel in the 1970s, and served continuously in that capacity since. In addition, the North Carolina State Bar has certified me as a specialist in consumer and business bankruptcy.

I have a wealth of experience in bankruptcy law as an attorney representing creditors, trustees, and debtors in consumer and business bankruptcy cases for over 40 years. In a bankruptcy counseling session, I can advise you as to the different types of bankruptcy available to you, and give my recommendation as to which type is the best fit for you.

Making an appointment is the first step. I welcome the opportunity to discuss your situation.