June 24, 2019

What to do When Creditors Call You at Work

Creditors and collection agencies use so-called “robo-dialing” technologies to call debtors at work, home and on their cell phones day after day.  The best advice is to not talk to them, unless you have a proposal for repaying the debt in full.

If you have a smart phone, you can set it to “reject” the call, but of course this won’t make your debts go away.

You can send a cease and desist letter

When creditors call the workplace, debtors need to know that they have a right to mail a letter to their creditors, instructing them not to make contact by telephone. This is known as a cease and desist letter.

[note] Please note: While creditors are prohibited by the Fair Debt Collection Protections Act from doing things like ignoring a cease and desist letter, many of them will do so anyway.[/note]

You have the right to tell creditors that they are interrupting your work. You can send a letter advising them not to contact you at work and that they are “endangering your employment,” which puts them on notice.

Federal protection from creditors who call at work

If they continue to call, a debtor can file an action under Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The Federal Trade Commission has an excellent page advising of this right, and how to exercise it, step-by-step; it also answers many other frequently asked questions about the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Yes, you can find templates for cease and desist letters online. Use such templates at your discretion–this is not legal advice.

While a cease and desist letter won’t make the debts go away or stop collections activities from escalating through the court system, it might make it easier to go to work every day knowing that you won’t be called to the phone to speak to a creditor making demands for payment.

Bankruptcy protection

The question I must ask is why someone who is being hounded by creditors hasn’t researched bankruptcy protection. Most bankruptcy lawyers will offer a bankruptcy counseling session free.

Sometimes the answer is simply that the debtor doesn’t know how bankruptcy will improve their life after their debts are discharged. This is why I wrote a guide to Life After Bankruptcy, available for free by clicking the blue button below.

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