July 16, 2019

Domestic Support Obligations: Is Bankruptcy a way to get Relief ?

This post addresses the situation in which an individual is obligated to pay one or more types of domestic support obligations and cannot do so. What are "domestic support obligations?" They arise in the context of domestic disputes. For the most part, they consist of three things: Alimony which is support that one spouse is required to pay for the support of his or her spouse Child … [Read more...]

Can I Discharge Alimony in Bankruptcy?

I am frequently asked whether alimony, child support and other "domestic support obligations" can be discharged in bankruptcy court. Very often in this country, money troubles and divorce rates are related. Domestic support obligations are very broadly defined, and include alimony, maintenance, child support, guardian ad litem fees, and attorney’s fees and court costs owed to a spouse or former … [Read more...]