July 16, 2019

Student Loans: What if I Refuse to Pay?

Much has been said lately about student loans, the high default rate involved with these loans, and the hardship, if not downright misery, that these loans can cause.  Now a new movement is afoot by various groups to refuse to pay student loans.  Given what I perceive to be a growing storm of discontent regarding student loans, I feel that it is now the time for me to express my opinion. To … [Read more...]

Non-Monetary Default: A Potential Bankruptcy Time Bomb

Everyone knows that in the event payments are missed, there has been a default.  However, many business people overlook the fact that there can and often are other contract provisions that do not involve the payment of money which can trigger a default.  These are known as non-monetary defaults. Bank loan agreements, leases, and other types of commercial contracts provide for events of default … [Read more...]