July 23, 2019

Asset Protection Basics: What You Need to Know if You Owe Debts You Cannot Pay

Many people who want to come in and talk about asset protection are surprised to learn that they have no assets to protect. "How can this be? "I own a car and a house!" Asset protection comes in to play if you own property that has equity above the mortgages owed (called non-exempt property -- property that creditors can reach); or if you anticipate that you may have non-exempt property in the … [Read more...]

Bankruptcy and Families

In a study published in the Harvard Law and Policy Review the global financial crisis and the specific effect on real estate, is putting different stresses on families in bankruptcy than in times past. Broken inter-generational safety nets "Specifically, when young adults experience financial struggles, they often rely on their parents for help because parents usually have more assets and fewer … [Read more...]