July 23, 2019

How Long Will Creditors Try to Collect on a Judgment?

In my ongoing series of blog posts about debt collection, garnishments, judgments, and how to rebound from financial setbacks I am asked lots of questions. One reader asked what happens when you've proven to the sheriff that all your property is exempt from the judgment. She said, "Do they hawk you for years waiting for your financial situation to improve? What happens if you win the lottery … [Read more...]

After Bankruptcy: Debts Die, Liens Live

There is a saying among bankruptcy attorneys:  “debts die, liens live.”  People can discharge most debts in a bankruptcy case, meaning that they are released from their personal liability for discharged debts. Creditors cannot take any action to collect a discharged debt from a debtor. But what happens to liens or mortgages on property owned by the debtor?  There are a few common scenarios to … [Read more...]