July 16, 2019

Help Homeowners Facing Foreclosure: Part Three of Three

In my first post of this series we covered how foreclosure works, step by step, and defined some basic real estate terms related to distressed sales. In the second post, we answered questions on preventing foreclosure, negotiating with a mortgage company, and what to do about an adjustable rate mortgage that will soon reset. This post addresses questions on short sales and sifting through … [Read more...]

Tax Debts and Bankruptcy

The automatic extension granted to individual taxpayers just passed, which often brings calls from those who cannot pay their tax debts. As part of my bankruptcy practice, I strive to stay current on North Carolina Department of Revenue (NCDOR) and IRS policies that may affect my clients. A three-point test to discharge income taxes in Chapter 7 bankruptcy In order for income tax debt to be … [Read more...]

Bankruptcy Counseling instead of Head in the Sand

I won't weigh in on the remedies prescribed by economist David Rosenberg here, but I salute the intelligence of his agreement with my comparison of our economy to a python that just took on a big meal. If you or your business are struggling financially, consulting with our offices might reveal coping strategies for you until better times emerge.  Putting your head in the sand and hoping for … [Read more...]

Income Tax and Bankruptcy

We find that many people in financial distress owe taxes in addition to credit card bills and student loans and business debts. Before you succumb to an offer by a so-called tax specialist, educate yourself. MYTH: Income taxes are never dischargeable in a bankruptcy case TRUTH: Income taxes may be dischargeable in a bankruptcy case. Dischargeability depends on a number of factors, including, but … [Read more...]

Cash for Keys?

The copywriter who thought up "Cash for Keys" did a good job. Unfortunately, the process isn't as simple as the catchy title implies. You don't simply hand the keys over to the mortgage company, take your $1000 to put down on an apartment and walk away. [important]Unless you file for bankruptcy protection, any time you sell or surrender your home for less than the balance due on the mortgage(s) … [Read more...]

I don’t want to file, but should I?

Some people are not good candidates for bankruptcy, including: Those with too many non-exempt assets; for them, we develop asset planning & protection strategies Those who cannot afford to file bankruptcy Those with no income or who have so few non-exempt assets that they are essentially “judgment proof” Those with finances so complicated by trusts and tax shelters … [Read more...]